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    Tournament Credits will also be reset when Season 6 ends, just like the transition from Season 5 to Season 6. Players who participated in Competitive Tournaments throughout Season 6 will be granted an All-Star Cup reward. Players' Tournament Credits will convert to the highest level reward they are capable of earning based on their Tournament Rank and Tournament Credit amount.

    Remember, your rank doesn’t define you! Well, maybe a little. But any accomplishment left unfinished now will become an opportunity to peak next Season.

    After all, This is Rocket League!

    As Season 6 nears its final episode, the time has come to release a few spoilers. When you weren’t trekking through channels in the potato-tastic Nomad Van, many of you reached new competitive peaks this Season. That deserves something special.

    The Competitive Rewards for Season 6 will be Animated Universal Decals! Check out a preview of the rewards in the video below.

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    About This Circuit

    The IGL Summer Circuit for Rocket League (3v3 EU) is a recreational video game league open to gamers of all skill levels - and it is completely free to enter! Here are the highlights:

    • Six weeks of Circuit Play (one match per week) and four weeks dedicated to single elimination playoffs
    • Teams are divided into Rank Tiers based on the highest ranked player on their team
    • This League is based on Central European Time and all games are played on the Europe server
    • You must be at least 14 years old to participate

    Registration closes on July 2nd so what are you waiting for? Grab a team and get signed up today!


    For detailed info on what to expect, please read through our Rules and Regulations

    Full Circuit: July 11th - September 19th

    • Regular Season: July 11th - August 21st
    • Single Elimination Playoffs: August 23rd - September 19th


    • You are allowed a maximum of 5 people on your roster
    • Once someone plays in a game, they are locked on your roster

    Rank Tiers

    The Rank Tier you are placed in is based on the highest ranked person on your team. We will look at both the current season and the past two seasons in the Doubles and Ranked Standard to determine which Division you are placed in

    • Tier 1: GC2+
    • Tier 2: C3-GC1
    • Tier 3: C1-C2
    • Tier 4: D2-D3
    • Tier 5: D1 and below

    - Werbung für die Verlosung machen.

    - Casual Spieler rekrutieren.

    - Mit den Scrim Managern reden.

    - Clans in die Scrim Gruppe einladen.

    - Coach suchen.

    - tiktok Manager suchen.

    - 3DRL Community Montage in Auftrag geben.

    - Desire Montage im Auge behalten. :thumbup:

    - Deskpad ins Twitch Sponsoren Banner aufnehmen.


    No matter how good your mechanical skill level, solid teamwork is essential. The ability to talk with your teammates offers the chance to coordinate powerful offensive attacks and celebrate insane plays with your team. Communication remains key all the way up to the pro level, with Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) teams developing their own extensive comms strategies.

    Now with a new system behind the scenes, Rocket League players will once again be able to join Team and Party voice chat channels with ease. It’s the glorious return of Voice Chat!


    Voice Chat is enabled by default, so players will only need to plug in a headset to be ready to chat! Players will see all available Voice Channels from the new Voice Chat tab in the Friends List. From here players can Join, Switch or Leave channels from the Main Menu or in-match from the Pause menu. Not everyone plays Rocket League the same way, so we’re offering options to fine-tune your Voice Chat experience. Players will be able to customize their options in the Settings Menu.

    Party Chat - The perfect way to talk with friends! Players with Voice Chat enabled will enter the Party Voice Channel when they create or join a Party. Players will be able to communicate both in and out of matches as the connection persists between games.

    Team Chat - For those who want to talk with their team! Players with Voice Chat enabled will enter the Team Voice Channel when they join a team in a match. This connection will end automatically as the game finishes, then begin anew when you join a new match.

    Voice Input/Output - These device options are available on PC and let players change audio sources easily whether you’re rocking the streamer mic or the controller headset.

    Voice Chat Method - Open Mic is the default Voice Chat setting so that players do not need to press unnecessary buttons when trying to communicate when hitting those double flip resets. Players who prefer to use Push-to-Talk can enable that in the Settings menu. These players will need to bind the PTT button to something that suits them from the Controls tab.

    Mute - We also know everyone uses Voice Chat in different ways, so Players will also be able to Mute individuals in their Voice Channel. This can be done by selecting their names in the Voice Chat tab and choosing Mute.


    When active in a Voice Channel, Players will appear on the Voice Chat tab in one of the following states:

    Speaking - This state is displayed by a green speaker icon when a player is actively speaking.

    Muted Mic - This state is displayed by a speaker with an X beside it when you have muted a player, or the player does not have a valid speaking device.

    Expect the Voice Chat update to go live on May 9 at 4 pm PDT (11 pm UTC) (pending first party certification). Good luck, have fun, and be nice!