Training Packs: Powershot Practice

  • Training Packs: Powershot Practice

    Decent powershots are a gamechanger.

    Author Name Difficulty Code
    Skogur Powershot Practice Gold C9E4-0F05-B71A-C322
    Yuhi Power shot basic Platinum 4D6A-C083-1FE7-08B7
    Jakob Powershots - Saves Platinum CF24-8484-98A4-E0B2
    Yeeza Powershots Diamond 7028-5E10-88EF-E83E
    Iridium Powershot Training Diamond 7EB0-B25B-689D-3413
    Tama Power shot + Air roll shot Diamond 1C4E-D311-1506-B6C1
    FlluuMP Power Aerials Diamond 7753-F063-4B91-00C3
    Wa eeuuuuh Powerclears on wall Champion 5053-597D-C47B-B5B0
    Ruzriel Powershots (super champion) Grand Champion 0390-AED7-109D-8770

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