Application for Board-administrator

  • Good day,

    we are always looking for new talented board-administrators.

    Maybe YOU are the next one ?!

    Which requirements do you have to fulfill?

    - You must be at least 16 years old (exceptions possible)

    - You have a forum account without warnings or bans

    - You are very familiar with our Teamspeak³ and forum rules

    - You are very familiar with our forum software and the individual areas

    - You have already "presented" and contributed you with numerous posts

    - You have Teamspeak³ and a working headset/microphone

    - You enjoy team work and partially leading it

    - You already have experience as an board-administrator

    - You are a friendly and polite person

    What awaits you?

    - New exciting tasks

    - A very friendly team

    - Fun

    - Independent work

    - Own projects

    - Benefits by our partners

    What are your tasks as an board-administrator?

    - You are the direct contact for questions and problems in certain areas

    - You are also the contact person for our supporters and moderators

    - You support our users on our Teamspeak³, in our forum and the ticket system

    - You ensure compliance with the rules

    - You ensure a perfect use of our forum software

    - You take care of all administrative work in our forum

    - You enjoy playing with users

    If you want to join our team, just send your application to

    Please note that we would also like to have a personal touch about you in your application. :)