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posted by MackKnife - 03.04.2015
Our CS:GO UK Team is taking Seats @ i54, we wish them all the Luck they need and lots of Fun.
You can check the Livestreams to see if they're Online and also feel free to come around and say Hi if you are near that Area. [L1-K4 / L1-K8]

i54 Inter-results:

3 Wins
4 Looses
1 Draws

We made it out group-stage (Inter) and lost in Round 1 to Kinetic

Inter placement 9-16

i54 Overall-results:

3 Wins
8 Looses
2 Draws

we hope to see ya on i55 smiling

We'll keep you informed about their Matches via Facebook and Twitter.

posted by MackKnife - 16.01.2015
It has been a while since we released the 3D-Gaming GUI for Counter-Strike Source.
Since then there were a lot of Update's in CSS which caused Problems with our GUI; we now decided to update it.
But not only CSS, we're also going to bring you a little GUI for "The Mother of Counter-Strike" CS 1.6.

Offical 3D-Gaming CSS GUI | » DOWNLOAD HERE «

Offical 3D-Gaming CS 1.6 GUI | » DOWNLOAD HERE «

posted by AJ - 12.08.2014
Looks like our CS:GO UK team will make an entrance at the Insomnia 52.
with such short time and much to prepare, the heat is gaining on us. Desperate measures are taken to ensure we do well at LAN, it is unknown how we will be placed after the event, but one thing is for certain and that is will be doing the best we can at LAN.

I-Series will be hosted from 22-25th August,
so we are currently accepting all scrims/practices so please get in touch with any of the team members to organize a time and date.

The current lineup is;

We are also +1 to fill up the last spot as our 5th couldn't make it.

For further information please get in contact with AJ.

posted by AJ - 30.07.2014
3D-Gaming is taking CS:GO a step forward and branching out teams across Europe.

We have recently picked up an upcoming Portuguese team with the potential to rock boats!

The team is lead by a young prodigy named Ricardo "CRMJ" Costa based in the U.K, who has made a strong outburst
by playing for the likes of Blight - Gaming and teamCRG, And has made some great finishes at national Lan events and online tournaments including;

1st teamCRG.net - Epic.Twelve [CSGO]
4th Blight-Gaming - Cevo Online [CSS]
9th/12th Blight-Gaming - iSeries45 [CSS]
9th/12th RASTA.RWP - iSeries43 [CSS]

We strongly believe this will be next big bang! And hope to give these guys the best experience to accomplish many new milestones to come.

Heres what Ricardo "CRMJ" Costa has to say after joining;

" First off I'd like to thank AJ for giving us this opportunity and giving us a full moral support. After my first experience on CS:GO scene winning my first and only attended lan as we speak I decided to build a Portuguese team. I have known one of the players "jesusp1ece" for a long time and he and I managed to pull a few players out of the bag and are extremely happy with our lineup.
We are also very excited to see what 2014 will bring us as I with a bit of experience from CSS and CSGO have seen alot of potential within the team and players. Thank you


The Line-Up:
Ricardo "CRMJ" Costa
João "jesusp1ece" Rosa
Isaac "Iskk" Costa
Jonathan "Dejavour" Wilson
Paulo "Origin" Moura
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