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posted by AJ - 30.07.2014
3D-Gaming is taking CS:GO a step forward and branching out teams across Europe.

We have recently picked up an upcoming Portuguese team with the potential to rock boats!

The team is lead by a young prodigy named Ricardo "CRMJ" Costa based in the U.K, who has made a strong outburst
by playing for the likes of Blight - Gaming and teamCRG, And has made some great finishes at national Lan events and online tournaments including;

1st teamCRG.net - Epic.Twelve [CSGO]
4th Blight-Gaming - Cevo Online [CSS]
9th/12th Blight-Gaming - iSeries45 [CSS]
9th/12th RASTA.RWP - iSeries43 [CSS]

We strongly believe this will be next big bang! And hope to give these guys the best experience to accomplish many new milestones to come.

Heres what Ricardo "CRMJ" Costa has to say after joining;

" First off I'd like to thank AJ for giving us this opportunity and giving us a full moral support. After my first experience on CS:GO scene winning my first and only attended lan as we speak I decided to build a Portuguese team. I have known one of the players "jesusp1ece" for a long time and he and I managed to pull a few players out of the bag and are extremely happy with our lineup.
We are also very excited to see what 2014 will bring us as I with a bit of experience from CSS and CSGO have seen alot of potential within the team and players. Thank you


The Line-Up:
Ricardo "CRMJ" Costa
João "jesusp1ece" Rosa
João "agains" Matos
Jonathan "Dejavour" Wilson
Paulo "Origin" Moura
posted by haze - 19.09.2013
How some of you Guys might have noticed already our CS:GO Team wasn't really that active in the near Past, luckily this changes today.

After our CS Team lost most of their Players due to the Lack of Interest in the Game we had to start fresh and rebuild the whole Thing. Now after some Testmatches, PCW's and perfectly chosen new Players we are trying to give it a new Shot.

We wish this new Team all the best in their upcoming League Matches and besides that a good and hopefully succesful Time in our Organisation.

This will be the new Lineup for the upcoming Season:

Germany Benjamin "ABSTRAKT" S.
Germany Dominik "HACKMAN" S.
Germany Steve "liddl" W.
Germany Sebastian "p1kx" R.
Germany Marc "pxl"
Germany Michael "DejaVuE" P.

The english Statement of our Team Captain will follow soon.
posted by haze - 10.08.2013
Today we are glad to announce that we will partner up with Esportclothing for our new upcoming Clanwear. They will support us with high Quality Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets and other cool Stuff in the near Future.

Esportclothing is known for their fair and really great Prices, good looking Designs and the really good Customer Service. Unlike other Companies they really put their Hearts into it because the Company itself is based on the Esport Scene and they know what the Customer wants.

Here's a short Description from Esportclothing:
Esportclothing is offering a unique team-wear look, and our customers and their partners / sponsors will look professional and slick. We can call ourselves an all-round service company. From the first design, to the delivery of your high quality products. For us is cheap prices, quality and customer support everything.

In (e)sport is exposure a high priority, and with the help of our graphic artists that won’t be any problem. They will help you find the best way to expose yourself and your team(s).

As last Words we would like to thank the Founder of Esportclothing (Martin) for his Trust and Interest in this Partnership. We are looking forward to represent the Company with all we got.
posted by Trigonal - 30.07.2013
WCS America’s challenger league kicked off today with some great games, starting with a Terran vs. Zerg, MajOr vs. ByuL, which was decided in very short order, ending with a 2-0 to ByuL after a successful roach-bane bust, followed up by MajOr attempting a proxy 2rax, only to GG as soon as the scouting drone came past his proxy.

The next match, between Apocalypse and Center, was a great example of how the hellbat nerf has changed the Terran vs. Terran metagame, with both players opening up with a bit of hellion harass into cloaked banshee. Despite a fast raven from Center, he just didn’t have the anti-air to deal with the banshee harass from Apocalypse, who netted 16 kills with his banshee, ending up at 26 SCV kills to the 9 SCV kills of Center. As they transitioned into the midgame, Center headed into a hellbat-tank mech army against the more common bio-tank play of Apocalypse, who exploited the immobility of his opponent’s army very well, sending out some very big drops of 3-5 medivacs while defending his own position on the map with his tank-heavy main force.

Game 2 saw a very successful 4 reaper expand opening from Apocalypse, getting 13 SCV kills and scouting the 111 from Center, who managed to deny the natural of Apocalypse, though the CC survived, and, with a counterpush killing the main and only CC of Center, GG was called, tying up the second series of the day at 2-0 to Apocalypse.

The final series of the day, puCK vs. HyuN, saw some great play by both sides, with puCK opening up the series with the same +2 blink stalker/immortal allin he used to defeat Jaedong in the premier league group stages and, with some great space control and positioning with timewarps and forcefields, netting the win in game 1.

Game 2 brought out the same build from puCK, though HyuN seemed to have learned from his mistakes in game 1, and held off the push with a swell of hydralisks and lings, moving the series onto game 3, where puCK brought out the mindgames, showing HyuN the exact same build he used in the first two games, with the warp prism harass into a twobase allin, but then expanding, taking a relatively late third, but having caused the zerg to cripple his own economy preparing for an allin which never came. Some great forcefields ensured puCK could hold off HyuN’s pushes with incredible cost-efficiency until psionic storm finished and puCK began to move out and take some mapcontrol, teching up to dark templar and sniping hatches before moving in with his army for the killing blow, tying up the series 2-1, the same result as the last time these two players faced, in season 1.

All in all, some great games to kick off challenger league, moving onwards tomorrow to quite a few mirror matchups, with NesTea-Goswer, Snute-Killer, Top-Capoch and mOOnGLaDe-Tilea coming up on day 2.
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